Just outside the Charing Cross Guest House lies the real beauty of Scotland. This area is rich in history, with each local towns and villages having its own fascinating tale to tell. Night owls meanwhile can groove the small hours away at a host of club venues. Glasgow has a reputation of providing wonderful experience to its visitors, whether they seek entertainment, culture, shopping, relaxation, good food or drink. Demand any of these, or more, and Glasgow is the place for you!

Over 2 million tourists visit the city each year to enjoy the beauty that Glasgow has to offer, including internationally renowned art galleries and museums. Glasgow holds more than 70 parks and gardens. That where the Gaelic translation of Glasgow comes from which means “dear green place.” If you enjoy the performing arts Glasgow is home to Scottish Opera, Scottish Ballet and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.

With over 800 bars and pubs to choose from and an endless selection of With over 800 bars and pubs to choose from and an endless selection of nightclubs, weekend revelers simply flock to Glasgow. Culture lovers can soak up the atmosphere from the numerous festivals and live gigs throughout the year, including Celtic Connections in January, the Glasgow International Jazz Festival that takes place every June/July, the West End Festival in August and many, many more. If you enjoy sightseeing or visiting the many attractions that a major city provides, there are many ways to enjoy the best view of Glasgow. Bus tours, train, subway and even boat trips are available for your pleasure and convenience. You have the entire city to explore and every corner stores something interesting to amuse you.

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